Working Out With Dan Bilzerian & Jon Skywalker!



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I’m a crazy russian living life on the edge. I make epic prank videos and vlogs daily. It’s your life your choice do whatever you want to do and remember Villains never die.


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39 thoughts on “Working Out With Dan Bilzerian & Jon Skywalker!”

  1. Vitaly made all his money via YouTube right? If so, props to him, he and Bilzerian are living the good life

    Smoking weed before a workout is bizarre though lol

  2. Good looking body. But you are no real Skywalkers. I am glad I do not participate in your low-grade lifestyle.

  3. Omg, They are smoking and doing sports? Are they fucking crazy? No wonder Dan had 2 heart attacks. I don't think they will live so long. And Vitali! You are on the wrong path dude.

  4. Yeah baby! The good life . Mine sucks compared to this I have to admit I love smoking reefer at night to help me sleep .

  5. Not trying to hate, but I got absolutely no value or entertainment from this video. 3 random dudes that don’t know each other, smoke dabs and work out like total douchebags.

  6. Imagine if Hafthor was there, these three wouldnt have the energy to pick up a steroid needle at the end of the day just trying to keep up with him

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