Work Out: Dance to Burn Fat | Danielle Peazer


Dance workouts are a great way to tone your body whilst getting your cardio too. Danielle Peazer is a professional dancer so her dance workouts are the best!

The gorgeous Danielle Peazer is back with an amazing cardio dance workout. This routine is designed to make you sweat… Prepare to work hard with this one!

This dance routine is suitable for beginners. So grab some friends, dance along with Danielle, and get yourself fit for summer.

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Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. The following exercise program may result in injury. Before attempting a new exercise, consider issues including your flexibility, strength and overall health. Consult a fitness expert before attempting the program. If at any point during the program you begin to feel physical discomfort, stop immediately and consult a physician. Endemol is not responsible for any injuries you sustain from participating in this exercise program.

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  1. I started doing this workout (along with her 7 min quick and effective workout + hip hop, I do up to 2 min break every after workout) 5 days ago and it’s my 6th day today! I’ve definitely seen some changes on my belly, and I’m doing it for 2 more weeks for the best results. I also reduced the amount of rice I eat since I’m asian and most of us are used to eat almost everything with rice lol, and it’s helping.

  2. Everyone is like like for more updates and says it' gets easy and stuffs
    Can anyone tell me if you really lose weight?

  3. Can u make more such 10 minute dance videos with latest songs too….it’ll be more fun…
    And thq btw ❤️

  4. woooooow you're really beautiful😘😘😘😘  girls check it out please How do you think about it?

  5. This a very fun workout! Even if i hate sports this was really good! I am currently 58kg (168cm)…first goal is to reach 55kg 🙂
    edit: i gained 4kg lol

  6. It’s makes me so happy that when I started doing this dance workout first time I wasn’t really into exercising so I gave up cuz I wasn’t able to do it. And now after 2 years now that I did it..I’m easily able to wing through it and also can do it 2 times without getting much tired haha. I’m happy at my own progress.

  7. I'm trying this this for 30 days and update the results!
    My weight: 68 (163 cm)
    Goal: 65

    DAY ONE: This is so hard!
    DAY TWO: Still hard!
    DAY THREE: Easy…
    DAY FOUR: Done!
    DAY FIVE: Ive do the whole workout!

  8. Wow that was a killer. My first time and my legs gave up near end of the time. Will do it again and i hope i will complete this work out without my legs giving up.


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