What Happened to Block B – The Dark Horse of Kpop


A little editorial on my thoughts of What Happened to Block B, Block B History, Block B Controversy, Zico, Block B Stardom Lawsuit, Block B Seven Seasons, Zico Leaves Block B, Block B Songs, Block B Disband, Where is Block B Now?


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  1. FOOD FIGHT will forever be iconic! Hope you enjoyed! Let me know your Block B story in the comments! Have a great weekend! Get your own LIMITED EDITION Wave Shirt here: https://teespring.com/stores/internetsnathan

  2. I’m a Korean BBC.😻 wow this video is amazing lololololol👍🏻😎 Actually, I don't know what he said because I don't know English very well 🌝🌝🌝💛🌝🌝🌝

  3. Been a fan since the beginning, Block B just does it for me. There's absolutely nobody like them. The concepts, the talent, the sound , the range, their everything is unique. Truly one of a kind.
    Now i'm feeling nostalgic. Damn, i miss them so much.

  4. BRO that Thailand controversy was legit so stupid! I had to rewatch the video because I really didn’t understand what was the controversy! I rewatched it thinking I missed it or something but for ten minutes straight and like 3 times I watched it, in the end I asked around in comments and my friends only to find out Thailand got mad over a joke and let the reality fly over their head! Omfg they don’t get paid much was what I understood, and surely even if the band donated a few, it doesn’t make the whole world any less charitable.Thailand that’s called being BUTTHURT. God I hated this because it was apparently drastic enough for petitions for the band to be told to kill themselves?! And one of the them attempted it!? Those of the people who actually signed it, are you so low in the dirt that you think yourselves so entitled, maybe you should stay there since it seems that’s where you want to be because you’ve proven it so well!

    I’m glad Block b’s health is better now but lord almighty this industry just sucks in every sense of the word.

  5. Block B never got the recognition they deserved… in my opinion Block B have better songs than Big Bang and I strongly believe that If they had the same promotion they wouldve been noticed more. Block B willalways be one of the best groups in Kpop

  6. Can someone explain me what's the connection Ateez has with blockB. KQ?? Stardommm sevenseasons?? 🤔🤔 I don't get it

  7. ughhhhh i just get angry!! they were such individuals. they didn't need the extra promotions etc. because they were genuinely amazing artists.

  8. since people are asking:
    – block b have not disbanded, they’re just enlisting
    – yes zico is still in the group, yes they’ve interacted a lot and go for each others schedules, yes they keep saying they’re 7 members

    here’s a playlist of every single block b song since their debut including their solo work. you’re not ready for this ride of jazz, pop, rock, ballads, hiphop, swing, indie etc. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/57c7Eb14afVDrql4xK5MNA?si=tWYGHJiYTDW3_AZJm4ihrg


    block b
    album: remontage
    title: don’t leave

    bastarz (p.o, bbomb, ukwon)
    album: i’m a mess
    title: help me + from seoul

    t2u (yukwon + taeil japanese subunit)
    album: t2u

    gwichanist, refresh (ft davichi kang minkyung), to love only once (ft jrabbit), instant (ft sumin),
    osts: lucid dream, ddingdong, also went on the book ost and dropped a few tracks there with suran, yubin etc.

    later, remaining star, he also went on the call and dropped a few tracks w ailee, chungha, kim jongkook etc

    dawn, thinkin about chu (ft hanhae), finale

    fuego (ft rgp), rise up (ft koonta)

    pit pat (ft winner mino and suju kyuhyun), promise (ft winner mino), commes des garcon

    soulmate (ft iu), any song, y (with fanxy child), it’s you (with sam kim), refresh (with kang daniel), cereal (with crush)
    title tracks: daredevil (fr jvcki wai and yumdda), human, balloon, being left (ft. dvwn)
    albums: thinking part 1 and 2

  9. 😭😭😭 so sad story, wish all the best for Block B, love them, esp our cute and hotter maknae P.O 😘


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