WASD V2 CODE Backlight Keyboard w/ Cherry MX Clear Switches


Unboxing & Reviewing my WASD V2 Code Keyboard with Cherry MX Clear switches. This is the first time I’ve ever used clear switches and I have to say they are very different!

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  1. YOU'RE MARRIED?! Don't tell the incels!
    (You're a chad to them.)

    I found out my brother is one… I know these things now.

  2. Dont press read more

    How could you!!!



    Almost there.


    Oof how long is this???



  3. Good review but I have a suggestion. When you're doing the typing test people want to hear the keyboard not your loud voice over the microphone.

  4. Lol he does his "sound test" with so much force and probably has the mike set up in a strange way, so the blue switches sound quieter than the clears XD

  5. You don't have to press the switch all the way down to type lol. That's why it's heavy and has a real big tactile bump

  6. i hope the keycap remover thing was a joke because i don't even have a mechanical keyboard but i know what that is used for

  7. Getting these to replace the black switch I had before. Wanted to try something new and they seem a bit like the black switch. I've got a red switch mechanical kb for some games but I actually find that the stiffer keys work better for actiony quick press twitchy games. I tend to not press the keys down all the way when I type normally on the red switch.. but when I game, I bottom out almost all the time without even thinking, and it kinda hurts my hands after a bit/ results to missed key presses. Don't have that problem with the stiffer keys.

  8. I've had the 10-keyless (87-key) V2 CODE keyboard for about 1.5 years (since October 2014). I do not game but actually use this keyboard for typing and coding. I really do like it a lot and have had no problems. The Cherry MX Clear switches are non-clicky, which makes them quieter overall compared with Blue and Green switches. Like the MX Green switches, the Clear switches have a stiff spring. The spring gives these switches extra tactile feedback. This keyboard is louder than the Red, Brown, and Black switches; however, the sound is not too loud for an office environment. One concern I have is that apparently the key caps are made of painted ABS. Some people have reported that the paint wears off over time. While all of the paint is intact on my keyboard, I am now looking for a PBT key cap set to replace the ABS key caps. I am also considering a Cherry MX Green version of this keyboard for home use – I believe MX Green switches would be too loud for an office environment.


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