W.H.O declares coronavirus 'pandemic' – as UK sees highest daily rise in cases


This is now officially a pandemic, the World Health Organisation confirmed today – although they declared it was not too late for countries to act, saying they were ringing the alarm bell “loud and clear”. 196 people have died in Italy in one day – while the total deaths in the UK is now eight. (Subscribe:
The Chancellor has promised the NHS ‘whatever resources it needs’ to cope – along with other measures to support affected industries and those in financial hardship.
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  1. The question of the United States leadership wasn't answered clearly. The question of getting the leadership in regards to this pandemic is still dubious. Clearly, a healthy and more knowledgeable lead needs to be taken. Where do we go from here?

  2. The WHO IS A PAWN OF THE Rockefeller, Rothschild, Morgan, Gates, agenda. The WHO takes orders from them, the same people wh tell Trump what to do. They have an agenda, and it's not in the best interests of the masses–ever. Watch Out! It's not even close to being a pandemic by all reasons and scientific data. One of their real agendas is, ID2020, an agenda where vaccinations and digil currency combine to control, reduce, populations. The Coronavirus was enginered by the U.S. Goernment in a bio-lab in Virginia and taken to China and Released.

  3. How come you bunch of morons in the comments are not blaming the fucking TORIES?? Bozo is a murderer. Anyone who voted tory has blood on their hands. Ironic considering elderly people are most at risk. The WHO warned the UK and the tories didn’t listen…

  4. Pandemic that can not be controlled?

    Bro, you should've announced to shutdown all flight on January, so y'all were able to control this Pandemic.

  5. A world prioritizes money over people , and its coming into full now, moronic greedy corporate greedy cunts, mankind will reap what we have sown

  6. I hate the Director-General of the World Health Organization,
    Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has reached a private agreement with China to provide people around the world with the wrong information. This epidemic is so serious now.

  7. I know Africa maybe considered were most tird world countries are but black people when contracting covid 19 will never know they have it. It doesn't do nothing to black people.

  8. how much bullshit do you belive 2K dead out of 7 billion, china and Iran nuber 1 iran mass graves are a shot from a movie cgi look it up the streaming services play virus centered shows and movies bring it on if it kills all the politicians and controllers of the financual program and institutions , royalty and Israelis that is brilliant , bring it on.

  9. We should send WHO’s Tedros to the International court for trial of killing 5,436 people due to his delayed response. Wait, I forgot China will protect him and sustained another term.

  10. So WHO just now calls it a pandemic after all this time of it very clearly being a pandemic; and then shifts blame to the rest of the world for their "alarming amount of inaction"? Wtf Why is the WHO more crooked and shifty than Hillary Clinton?


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