TOP 10 Hack And Slash PC Games | 2020 List by John Fleer


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👉 Here’s the list according to the video:
#10: Ryse: Son Of Rome
#9: Darksiders 2
#8: Middle-earth: Shadow of War
#7: Dark Souls III
#6: Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2
#5: Nioh
#4: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
#3: Bayonetta
#2: NieR: Automata
#1: Devil May Cry 5

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  1. I'm the big fan of Devil May Cry I like all Devil May Cry series
    Hey anyone here to subscribe my channel I'm playing Devil May Cry

  2. Batman is obviously in the same genre as these and I would consider it to be an infinitely better game than everything on the list, even if arkham knights programming team were tards fresh out of a two week course on game design. The concept is solid but the implementation is piss poor. As far as DmC goes anyone with any skill or brains can recognise that ninja theories reboot was vastly superior to anything put out by capcom in nearly every way possible including crapcum's 5 and they're two steps back in terms of design, using systems that have been outdated for twenty years and an archaic approach to game design, with true to SSS style story suckage…

    Speaking of games that did it right and fall into this category, I just remembered spiderman on ps4… That game was nearly perfect minus a few gripes… No leaderboard support (infinite replay and bragging rights… Stupid feature not to have), spiderman outright flipping enemies off buildings like a psycho… And the combo system would force you to return to the ground( which is sad cause technically he would be able to stay airborne indefinitely) aside from that though it was a very solid game… And good fun… But as I said… No leader boards… So cya…

    Speaking of game devs removing or not adding leaderboard support… Wtf is the deal? It should be a bog standard feature for pretty much every game these days. It encourages self improvement and encapsulates infinite replay and gives you the ability to brag if your actually good… Its a brilliant feature… The main problem seems to be leaderboard hacking… Which is head scratchingly confusing… Why not just hire a leaderboard moderator… For an hour once a week and give him fifty quid… Moderating big brand leader boards is a bragging right in itself… People would probably do it for free…. I just dont get it… Are you telling me that after you shipped millions of copies for over sixty quid a pop your unwilling to hire someone to maintain the leaderboard?

    And speaking of spiderman flipping people of buildings… Do you know how long it would take to fix that? Probably about all of five minutes…. All they had to do was trace to the ground from the enemy with a range check and have the range check plugged into an if statement that cues spiderman shooting a Web after them…. Why they didn't do that has got me scratching my head…. It would take five minutes…. Weird….

    You could actually make it way more advanced than that and it still wouldn't take long… You could have had him automatically pull enemies in danger of falling to their deaths back onto the building or even have him web them up somewhere…. Its probably the weirdest thing about that game….. Either very very lazy or outright weird….

    I mean trust me… If spiderman programmers can do all that crazy combat they could easily have done that…. Its fing weird…..

  3. Nier’s combat wasn’t DMC level but was still great fun. The themes though… it now stands side by side with DMC because of it. I’m enjoying Metal Gear Rising right now too!

  4. Man I wish that LOS 2 took place in the same time period as the first. Hiding from enemies while metal gear solid’ing your way through uninspired metallic bases took away a bit of the magic for me. Still loved the game and the series as a whole, but I wanted to be more of a badass when I finally got my hands on Dracula.

  5. Awesome album for Hack n Slash games from Metalium. Don't miss it.

  6. I'm surprised the games from the Ninja Gaiden series didn't make it on the list. Those are some of the best Hack'n Slash games out there.

  7. >Nier automata at number 2
    yep this list is garbage. the devs couldn't even program simple shit like finishers and damage clamping properly in that heap of shit game. not too mention you can't even have a boss fight in that game without being interrupted by 100 cringe story cutscenes, scrpted events and stupid minigames right in the middle of what was supposed to be "action" gameplay. that game is a glitchy, sloppy mechanical train wreck. it's only selling point is the main characters ass.

  8. The sad part that I have a shitty Intel hd 3000 laptop. All I can do is just watching instead of playing.

  9. Honestly IMO Castlevania LOS1 is far better than 2nd, and DMC3 SE and DMC5 should be on 2nd and 1st place 😁


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