Toned & Slim Thighs in 7 DAYS |10 Min Beginner Friendly Thigh Workout, No Jump (Eng Sub)

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My diet during this week:
Low carbohydrate, less sugar/fat food, no junk food, no big meal.
If your body fat is kind of high, recommend you do the whole body fat burning workout( ) and this thigh workout together to get the results faster.


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26 thoughts on “Toned & Slim Thighs in 7 DAYS |10 Min Beginner Friendly Thigh Workout, No Jump (Eng Sub)”

  1. who else is doing this either at night or in your room bc you too afraid of your family knowing you're working out or just simply embarrassed by people seeing you do these exercises? i know it can't be just me here 🤧

  2. Hiii everyone! So since everyone is sharing their progress here i'd like to share mine too. 🖐🏻 So i've been doing this workout for about 3-4 weeks now. At the beginning my thights were 69 cm each (about 27 inches i think) and now i'm at 60 cm (about 23 inches). So this workout really works, you just gotta keep pushing!!

  3. Hi everyone! I am starting to do this workout today! I will report each day! Currently my thighs are 55cm

  4. are those stretches after the exercises necessary? can I just do the workout without the starches at the end?

  5. I will do it every day from May 20 to June 10! Please 👍 to remind me!
    I dont change my diet, but I try to eat less sweet and flour foods.
    Day 0: 54 cm each
    1 day: ✔️
    2 day: ✔️
    3 day: ✔️
    4 day:
    5 day:
    6 day:
    7 day:
    8 day:
    9 day:
    10 day:
    11 day:
    12 day:
    13 day:
    14 day:
    15 day:
    16 day:
    17 day:
    18 day:
    19 day:
    20 day:
    21 day:
    Day 21:

  6. My thighs aren't really big, but the only problem I have is with the upper part of my inner thigh. It's HUGE and makes my legs look chubby and short. I hope this workout helps!! If you have any tips, please let me know. :((

  7. ok so I started 21 may. R leg is 51cm, L is 50.5cm. Like if you want an update in one week!! (Also I am in the caloric deficit)

  8. 나는 일주일 동안했지만 내가 27을 원하는 나는 30 무게 저를 포착하지 않았다

  9. This workout is amazing! I am on it for the 2nd week now and I really can start seeing a physical difference. I think my middle thigh has lost 2cm 👏🏻 do drop by my channel to see how the workout went for me! I tried it for 7 days and huge success💕♥️✨🦋

  10. 我已经锻炼2个月但是我的大腿还没减,是不是我锻炼的时候,锻炼错了😹😹

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