Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson "Not Worried" About Coronavirus | E! News


The Hollywood power couple tested positive for the disease while in Australia, but their son Chet Hanks says his parents are fine. Get the details.

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Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson “Not Worried” About Coronavirus | E! News



  1. idiotic to think he is making a change just from being a public figure. do not compare how he got it to what others in very bad condition are. do not be lying to people at all and using him for it. wrong

  2. This is good news! They have the virus but it's not as bad as previously thought. If you have adequate medical care it is no problem. This will help ease the panic.

  3. But we are…..the guy is such an inspiration to everyone I dont want him to go like this…..Get well soon😢😢😢


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