These 6 Speakers can Change your Life #BITV

BITV is a web based channel Started by Mr. Ranjit Singh in the year 2017. Ranjit Singh is a Certified Financial Planner and having more than 13 years of Financial Advisory Experience. He Thinks Media can play the most important role to make a small entrepreneur into business tycoon.

To be the leading Media Company for developing Image and Visibility for mid to large scale Financial Adviser and deployment of best breed of Financial Solutions to domestic and International Clients.

Our mission is to enhance the Visibility of Financial Adviser by Organising and arranging the different episodes and events.


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36 thoughts on “These 6 Speakers can Change your Life #BITV”

  1. Superb murli Mehta sirji you have explained right way excellent Manjalpur Branch Vadodara 60787F

  2. Wonderful speech with hole hearted he is people's messenger and Agent motivated never forgets him damani

  3. Thanks to all viewers for watching today's show , hope you find it valuable for you. BITV assure you more such content in future

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