The Best Chiclet Keyboard — Rapoo 8900p review


Today we check out the rapoo 8900p, one of the best chiclet-style keyboards I have ever used
This keyboard has been provided by anyware for review

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*Please keep in mind all prices are as of uploading of the video*

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  1. Best chiclet keyboard still not as good as my 15 year old trusty dusty traditional Logitech keyboard. 5 seconds of use with the chiclet keyboard that came with my Acer and in the trash it went. Can't stand typing with flat, island keys. Fingers crossed my Logitech keyboard lives forever.

  2. You should have done a typing test and shown off the "clickyness" that you talked about all through the video multiple times .

  3. It blows my mind how there's all of these keyboard reviews and NONE of them show them typing on it. Wtf are you guys thinking?

  4. I had two of the smaller white ones and both turned out to be GARBAGE… no more raPOO(P) keyboards for me… I am sticking with Logitech…
    If you want a quiet silent keyboard with chiclet type of buttons go for Logitech K740. I use it even for gaming and has not disappointed me yet.

  5. rapoo is crap. bought two similar models over a 5 years period, and they always start missing keystrokes ('p' usually) after a while. very low quality, low even for basic users… looks nice, slim, but not really functional… waste of money

  6. No typing sound demonstration? Really? That's the best thing to get an idea of how a keyboard feels to type on, from a video.

  7. Is it weird that i prefer my rubberdome switched lenovo office keyboard over any other mechanical or membrane keyboard on the market?


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