Shutter (2008) – Suicide Scene (HD)


After being at the hospital for a while and Bruno does not turn up, Ben calls his cellphone in an effort to find out when he’ll get there. Bruno answers but does not say anything, and as the camera pans out, the audience sees that he is slicing up photographs (into shapes of origami) with a razor blade and his hands are all bloody. Ben tells Bruno’s voicemail that they desperately need him at the hospital because Adam didn’t make it. Ben and Jane leave the hospital and head to Bruno’s home to see if he is there.

When they arrive, they find all his picture frames are still on the walls, but the photos are all cut up on the table, and that the television is loud and blaring. Ben begins to look around for him, while Jane examines the photos on the table. She sees Bruno standing at the end of the hall, and it appears he is charging at her. Ben calls out to him, and Bruno runs past Jane (who dives out of the way) and jumps off the balcony of his high-rise and goes crashing onto the concrete. He is dead. Ben is visibly distraught.

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