Modern Warfare Battle Royale Gameplay – Let's Play Call of Duty Warzone on Xbox One


Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s brand new Battle Royale mode has dropped and best of all it’s standalone and free to play for everyone. Boasting up to 150 players currently, with the potential to even go as a high as 200, and a brand new map we thought we’d take a look. And if we’re as bad as we think we’re going to be, we’ll be making use of the new Gulag mechanic, which gives you one more chance when you’re eliminated, as long as you can beat someone else in a 1v1 gunfight.

Call of Duty Warzone is out right now.

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  1. Wow, who else got INCREDIBLY emotionally invested in the Mike and Steve-O's amazing adventure? That was riveting, and so relatable.

  2. Looking for a team to play:
    Languages spanish/italian/english
    Leave your nickname I will add you on xbox.

  3. This game brings way too much mixed feelings. Multi gameplay seems pretty good but I'm not sure if I'm ready for so much lies and Pentagon propaganda contained in the campaign. Russian highway of death?!? I only remember highway of death in Iraq and US warplanes executing thousands of civilians fleeing that highway…and hundreds of burned civilian vehicles. Obviously media showed mostly those two Iraqi tanks and army trucks that were caught among civilian cars and school buses used for evacuation. US killed thousands of people that day…but Russians!!! Russians everywhere!! ….even ender my bed

  4. I've never played MW (because I'm terrible at first-person games) but I was completely gripped watching this! One day, Mike, you will have to tell me how you talk and play at the same time. Whenever I livestream, I need someone to monitor the chat for me or I fail magnificently at the game 🙂 Great vid. Thanks!

  5. If you can still be legitimately affected by a random bedroom in a multiplayer map like its the first time you ever played a video game you deserve a successful YouTube channel

  6. In case there is any doubt, Mike's live streams are the best.
    Lots of love to Jane, Andy, Luke and Ellen though too. Please keep up the good work everyone. Lots of love!!!!!

  7. SteveO, the Hero that Mike deserves and realy needs right now! Because he's Bad Mike 😀

    [Sorry if it sounded a bit mean or weird, wanted it to sound Batman'y like, you were not bad at all Mike :)]

  8. With trouser armor it's probably safe to assume that head shots are not the biggest health concern in this game. Always protect what is most important! 😛

  9. If you get downed, and your attempt to fight to respawn but you experience very high ping, does that count as suffering from Gu-Lag?

  10. Do you guys like cheese?

    I'm going to keep typing this in every future video, till they reply in the form of a video, muhahahahahaha

  11. That last round. Trying to snipe at long range with a scoped shotgun.
    In the panic am guessing he hadn't noticed.
    Still king of the gulag tho Mike

  12. 1:14 Mike stands and watches SteveO get shot while saying "I can't watch you get shot"…..cover fire Mike, Cover fire!

  13. Even third person games set off my motion sickness on a bad day (so I'm not actually watching this but just listening to it in the background) but I find turning the look/aim sensitivity WAAAAY down reduces the severity of the head spinning because it doesn't feel so much like your head is being whipped around.

    Also, big screw you to third person games with say, a forced first person mission with drunk effects, for instance…

  14. Favourite thing about Mike is definitely how mild-mannered he is when playing games. Love how he just goes "oh gosh" whenever he gets shot at or has his car rammed into

  15. I think it's absolute garbage currently tbh ofc I know it's still in beta and know it will hopefully improve. I like the gulag idea tho really cool

  16. Btw, Mike, you know what game is also totally Dark Souls? Untitled Goose Game. From the way you open shortcuts, to giant bosses you'll need to learn patterns of, and the whole endgame objective!

  17. I have watched Ian from Eurogamer play PUBG for years and here is Mike, so competent and not at all sausage fingery. It's refreshing to watch a modicum competence. (Sorry Ian, still love you!)


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