ITZY – 'YOU MAKE ME' Lyrics [Color Coded_Han_Rom_Eng]


By – Zaty Farhani

Translation by KosmoSub@ZF

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  1. Why is every song in this album a complete jaw dropper? I want to give the people who wrote this a million dollars. Blown away. Never been an ITZY Stan before this album. Never have I had my mind changed so quickly. This mini album makes ME speechless.

  2. Lia yaegi and speechless
    Chaeryong speechless
    Yuna jealousy
    Yeji deep voice
    Ryujin 1:46

    If u wanna ba a Phoenix, hear this song repeatedly.

  3. I really love chaeryeong voice and believe she’s the second best singer in itzy but many people say chaeryeong is not even on the vocal line

  4. Can someone recommend me more songs like these that makes me feel like…. ummm… a bad girl, i mean hard to get(?? Falling in love with a boy (i don't know if that makes sense). The only other song i know with this style is "bad boy" from red velvet

  5. To everyone making fun of their English (the people who are saying XYZ member said it wrong!) it’s called an accent. I can guarentee y’all sound just as ridiculous with your “ANNE YOUNG HA SAAAY OOOOOHHHH”. It’s called an accent, get over It. It’s not “wrong”. If we told everyone with a different accent that they spoke English wrong America, the UK and Australia would all be arguing every time they talked to each other

    *salty rant of frustration over*

  6. ryujin in nobody like you
    : Im hooked on you really really. Oh bae i think i like you.

    Also ryujin in you make me
    : A thing like love isn't fun Blah Blah boring

  7. Shouldn't the song be called Speechless or something.. Like no offence this is an amazing songs and ITZY is amazing too but like I just think they named the song wrongly.. DONT HATE ME PLEASE MIDZY FIGHTING


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