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  1. I am back just to say that I rank these song according to my style.
    1. Wannabe
    2.that's a no no
    3. Nobody like you
    4. I don't wanna dance
    5. 24 hours
    6. Ting ting ting (bc I didn't listen this song yet)
    Yes this was after their comeback I am in love with this album thank you jyp and still waiting for blackpink album ugh screw yg🥴

  2. My ranking since everyone else is:

    1. Ting Ting Ting
    2. That's a No No
    3. Wannabe
    4. Nobody Like You
    5. You Make Me
    6. I Don't Wanna Dance
    7. 24 Hrs

    This doesn't go to say that I don't like any of them. I seriously loved every single song on this album more than anything so this was EXTREMELY hard to rank.

  3. My favorite song:
    2.You make me(I’m speechless)
    3.That’s a NO NO
    4.Nobody like you(this song is cute tho)
    6.Ting Ting Ting
    7.I don’t wanna dance

    I like all the song in this comeback actually…

  4. Im back after the MV released, I just want to say that 24hrs is my favourite one b/c I can listen to my Chaeryeongie voice. My girl can sing so plz give her some more line :). And I thought she was one of the member in dance line 🙂 but maybe it's not 🙂

  5. Ok I'm gonna be honest
    I was really trying to stan itzy cause when I first saw their mv, dalla dalla(?) It's good and catchy I liked it and checked other songs but they are.. idk they sound same to me?? Like every song that I've listened is just a song with catchy beats but that doesn't mean bad. All are great songs with catchy beats but I really wanted to see their others styles? anyway I'll looking forward to their next album and I might stan them if they come up with different concept 🙂

  6. this new album is garbage as all their previous songs. jyp is trying so hard to dethrone BP hahhahaha when they are just a cheap version of BP

  7. My ranking:
    1.I don’t wanna dance
    3.That’s a no no
    4.Nobody like you
    6.Ting ting ting
    7.You make me

  8. My favourites: 1. WANNABE 2. Nobody like you 3. That's a no no 4. I don't wanna dance 5. You make me 6. Ting ting ting 7. 24hrs

  9. My ranking
    1. Wannabe ITS SUCH A BOP
    2. You make me 3
    3. Ting ting ting
    4. That’s no
    5. Don’t wanna dance
    6. 24 hrs
    7. Nobody like you but still a bop tbh


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