How To Install Activated Windows 7 Ultimate (2018)

Hello! In this video you will see how to install full/activated version of Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit or 64 bit. Enjoy!

►Windows 7 Ultimate:


► Check if your PC is 64 bit capable:

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30 thoughts on “How To Install Activated Windows 7 Ultimate (2018)”

  1. Very helpful video but i have one question.'i downloaded 64bit on my computer but the previous windows was of 32bit that's why when i open the iso file it can't be opened because of that ,please make one tutorial video about this problem ,and if any of the guys know the solution let me know

  2. Hi bro, i want to install it now, will that iso file still works for me or should i go check for an updated version or something ??

  3. Anyone can help me? I tried installing it, with the exact same methods. It actually worked and activated but I can't move my pointer anymore, whether from touchpad or mouse. Anyone got the solution, please?

  4. So basically all the files from the previous os are still installed when u do this? Is there any way to delete all of it and install windows 7 ultimate without using cd/flash drive?

  5. i installed windows 7 and now i dont have internet thanks, if you can help me would be glad if you could.

  6. I just followed your tutorial but when im done extracting it with poweriso it popped "this 32-bit version cannot be installed to an EFI-based computer." Please help.

  7. now when i get first restart i only have 2 options windows setup and windows 10 it at says come file is incorrect or damaged File $WINDOWS.~BTWINDOWSSYSTEM32WINLOAD.EFI

  8. i have 64 bit win 10 i did all the things you did i downloaded win 7 64 bit and when i enter win 7 instalation i get error saying… " this 32 bit version of windows cannot be installed to an efi computer. ok ot works now got proper 64

  9. I already installed, but all my files(photos & videos) has lost. Please tell me how to undo this thing? 😭😭

  10. This works <3, but it is a problem, i have no driver installed…and i can't install Driver Easy because i don't have ethernet driver, pls can anyone tell me an app to solve that, plss

  11. Thx this is my dream to get windows 7 on my laptop, I can finally make Roblox videos. Wish me luck it will not be Gluggie

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