How long will Putin hang on to power? I Inside Story


He’s Russia’s longest-serving leader since Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.
And if you are a Russian and you are under 20, you’ve never known another leader.
His critics fear he’s preparing to be ‘president for life’.
The 67 year old has backed a constitutional amendment to reset his presidential term count to zero, allowing him to run in another two elections.
The lower house of parliament passed the legislation on Tuesday.
And Russians are due to have their say in a constitutional referendum next month.
The amendments are the latest in a choreographed process that began in January.
Putin argues staying in power after his term ends will be good for Russia.
But how convinced are his critics?

Presenter: James Bays
Viktor Olevich – Center for Actual Politics
Sergei Guriev – Professor of economics, Paris Institute of Political Studies
Daragh McDowell – Russia analyst, Verisk Maplecroft global risk consultancy

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  1. I think he has no other choice. He surely has domestic enemies they wouldn't let him enjoy his retirement when he's out of power. Second, Russian assembly members don't want to loose their chairs when a new president is in power. One Russian friend of mine told me that the last election was ridged. He has support from old Russian generation and they're very patriotic.

  2. This is why mike Bloomberg who is worth $60 billion try to run for USA president because Money can be measure you can’t measure POWER!!


  4. Since Hillary Clinton recommended al jeezreza it has become my no 1 youtube site for anti_china, anti russia, anti.Iran, anti Venezuela, of course one does not need a war criminal recommendation

  5. Of course, interview the guy who's in exile…I'm sure he's gonna give a partial and fair viewpoint, the guy is in exile for a reason LOOK IT UP.

    The bottom line is the people love him, it's nothing like in the west where you have a polarization in the population, people adore him, he's done more for the country in the past 10yrs then anyone in the history of the country. The west hates him cause he's not corrupt and can't be bought, he's the only one who is standing up to the western bullies.

  6. After Russia, under Yeltsin got raped by America at the end of the Soviet Union,

    Putin took Russia back for the Russians.
    This is why USA & UK hate Putin so much.
    But Russians have never had it so good.

    Putin has done so much to Democratize Russia, we are not told about this.
    This is why the Russians are afraid to let Putin go.
    I believe Putin would like to retire, but takes Duty and responsibility seriously,
    unlike most of our leaders.
    i.e David Cameron who just disapeared when things got tricky.

    While Russia moves more towards democracy, we are being led backwards into authoritarianism.
    That's why we have Julian Assange locked up in UK prison, and the mainstream media ignore that ,while constantly criticizing Putin..

  7. I am one of those that did not give President Putin accolades out of concern that he will follow Marshall Tito, who held on to the power until the last day and caused the destruction of Yugoslavia. I was pleased to see a few months back that President Putin is planning to change the Russian Constitution to ensure that nobody can be 'president' for life.

    I liked the plan where Putin and Medvedev would be the key players of the Russian State Security Council and thus monitor (and in effect control) the affairs of the state.

    As a person from Communist Central Europe, that became a political refugee at the age of 16, and was never shy to make a bold statement, I will conclude: It is pathetic that 140+ million of Democrats in the USA cannot put forward a presidential quality candidate. And it will be also pathetic and catastrophic, for Russia, for the Slavs and the World, if out of some 145 million Russians, in 2024, there will be nobody available or permitted to replace Putin.

  8. It is priceless – medium funded by Qatar talking about democracy, LOL! How many migrants have the country with the highest GDP per capita received so far? According to Al Jazeera only Europeans are "obliged" to open their borders.

  9. Will Putin become like Khrushchev, of whom we never got a word once he stepped down from the power?

    I assume Putin has made many enemies as well as allies during his career.

    He can't just retire in peaceful life.

    It's not only about the power and his money but also his life will be in danger.
    Who wouldn't want to hang on to the power?

  10. I wonder why all these external critics think they know what's best for the Russian people. Did they not appreciate what happened to the country in the 1990s? Do they know what the Russians aspirations are for their country? Do the critics care about what's best for them? The West nearly pauperised the and bankrupted Russia in the 1990s. Putin was the one who stopped the toy and turned their future around.

  11. Stalin killed Russians by guns. Putting is doing by drugs, alcohol, abortion
    G 5 coming. Many different ways population control

  12. Putting may not be good for Russia but he is for the jeus no country have free elections. Free to go to vote but not who

  13. Puttin Makes up those Ratings Those Ratings are ALL FAKE NUMBERS Puttin has put out The People Don't want Him 90% of Russia don't want Puttin

  14. Puttin is Fake he should have Never been in Gov't Now he Appoints Him Self King of Russia The Russian people Never Wanted Him After His 2nd term and Now he is King and Has Ran Russia Killing people like a King

  15. Putin to be there, he is a great leader, otherwise, there is no balance of power in the world. Western media try to criticize his movement because he is the one who made Russia today Not only him, president Xi also to be there. then we can make a sound against the western powers, President Putin and President Xi to continue more years, they are doing a great job at the UN security council. both of them are not allowing US to interfere with other counties' sovereignty.

  16. Russia is going to be a dictatorship country regime , nobody remove him but the Russian
    Putin himself work hard 100 duties job in hands , while people no more job to do

  17. Putin's legs will give way. Unless he wants to rule from a throne. Or a sick bed. The way of autocrats and kings.

  18. Changing a leader just because he’s been governing for too long is a dangerous and foolish emotional mentality,look at Australia for example,Australia was in huge debts while under the Labor Government,when John Howard became PM,his Liberal Party Government turns the economy around and out of debt,more than 100 Billions dollars saved in surplus,after 11 years in power,younger Australian voters thinks it’s time for a change,Labor Kevin Rudd ,ruins everything and send Australia back to huge debts during his terms,house prices skyrocketed making those rich richer while the poor and young cannot afford housing.

  19. 1:18 what a lie. There is a cut. I listened his full speech, he said "In principle this option would be possible…" in another context, you idiots.

  20. Putin is the best President Russia has ever had, Putin will be good for Russia as there is no other leader to carry out the work matching his caliber.


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