Happy Yoga at Home | 30 Day Yoga Challenge | Vinyasa Yoga (Intermediate Level) | Day #18


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Join me in my daily Happy Yoga session. I practice 45 minutes of Full Body Vinyasa everyday, perfect for beginners.

30 Benefits Of Daily Yoga Practice
1. Yoga makes you feel better – simple as that!
2. Yoga increases your flexibility
3. Yoga improves your strength
4. Yoga boosts your immune system
5. Yoga helps you to focus
6. Yoga changes your energy
7. Yoga boosts your metabolism
8. Yoga reduces anxiety
9. Yoga helps you to be more mindful
10. Yoga soothes your skin
11. Yoga gives you some ‘Me-Time’
12. Hydrate Your Spine
13. Yoga boosts brain power
15. Yoga helps you to breathe better
16. Yoga helps you to stand up taller
17. Yoga helps lift your mood
18. Yoga improves your balance (in body and mind)
19. Yoga helps to clear the toxins
20. Yoga frees your feet!
21. Yoga has anti-inflammatory ‘properties’
22. Yoga helps give meaning to your day
23. Yoga helps you to express gratitude
24. Yoga teaches you to know yourself
25. Yoga regulates your body clock
26. Increase compassion
27. Yoga helps you to become more body aware
28. Yoga helps you to accept whatever life brings to your table
29. Yoga gives you a natural wind-down
30. Yoga is a life-long lesson


Happy Yoga – chair yoga total body stretch | happy yoga with sarah starr.

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Yoga Instructor and Host of Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr at Happy Yoga TV
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Happy Yoga Community is an online based hub for yogis, with meditations, yoga, philosophy and a place to hang out it is perfect for yogis who can’t get to class Happy Yoga Barcelona: There is always a friendly smile in the very aptly named Happy Yoga

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day 17 – happiness boost yoga – 30 days of yoga.
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I’ve turbo charged the Happy Yoga Community so you can access more content

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Thai Massage Teacher Training Bogota Colombia Certification course in Thai Massage Happy Yoga Bogota Colombia Module 1 – February 3rd to February 9th The Happy Yoga Community is here for you

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