Conan's Video Blog: Durst Alert Edition – CONAN on TBS

Conan is the king of the Internets with killer segments like “Too Many Avengers.”

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49 thoughts on “Conan's Video Blog: Durst Alert Edition – CONAN on TBS”

  1. Its bits like these make me want to visit Conan, but I just don't have money to visit California from India. If I was given an option to travel to United States and do only one thing in the States, I would visit this show. Love Conan. He is the BEST..

  2. They could have easily edited the whole color thing out to make it look like it never happened, but I can't tell you how glad I am they didn't.

  3. I first learned about Durst and The Jinx watching this video. Yesterday I decided to watch it and I just finished it, great documentary! Thanks Conan 😀

  4. Conan is like from Star trek hehe. This kind of screw ups, in a good way make Conan show so special!

  5. This is why I love Conan~  He knows how to entertain and laugh when things go wrong.  I really enjoy when this aspect and makes the show feel more human : D Great job Conan and Crew~

  6. The fact that conans mistake was funnier than the actual scripted part proves Conan is a comedy God.

  7. "NO ITS NOT WORKING! ITS NOT WORKING!"… He got some awesome reactions! LOVE the Conan show. Conan is brilliant.

  8. Absolutely uncanny how if Conan had blue skin and hair he would look like a giant, grotesque Oompa Loompa… terrifying.

  9. The blue colour correction thing was a throwback to one of my old videos. I didn't even know Conan watched my videos. Heh, small world 🙂

  10. the main reason I love this show is because of the screw ups and how they all go with it. makes it a real tonight show. awesome!

  11. Is that a common problem on Apples? Looked like the colors changed again a little bit after the guy fixed it, by itself. 

  12. At the beginning, Conan color looks like a Joker. Blue-ish face with bright orange shirt and purple tie. The funny thing is, his laughters also matches Joker's signature laughs as well.

    EPIC!!!! And an EPIC FAIL funny stuff!!!!

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