Chia sẻ của chị Trịnh Việt Hà về câu lạc bộ California Centuryon


Centuryon is designed to meet the needs and demands of those who accept nothing less than the very best. Every aspect of your visit has been meticulously planned out, from advanced bookings on all classes and VIP towel / robe services – enjoy access to an exclusive area allowing you to enhance your life in privacy.

Our Centuryon facilities are designed to be the unifying center that enhances all aspects of your life.

From this center you will make your life better and more fulfilled. Our promise is to provide a platform which brings to bear the sum total of the findings of modern wellness science.

Feel free to ask us questions as contact below.

Ho Chi Minh: (028) 5412 1277
Ha Noi: (024) 6664 6088

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