Bruno Fernandes or Giovani Lo Celso: Who's better to build a team around? | Extra Time


ESPN FC’s Peter Walton, Steve Nicol and Alejandro Moreno answer your questions in Extra Time, including: If Peter can be the new head of VAR for the Premier League, (1:27) what the biggest game Peter officiated was, (2:07) if Giovani Lo Celso or Bruno Fernandes is the better player to build a team around, (2:18) what Peter’s biggest refereeing regret is, (3:37) and why Trent Alexander-Arnold is the starting right back for England over Aaron Wan-Bissaka.

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  1. Espn pundits always underestimates argentines… they're like 'how can lo celso be put in same line of bruno fernandes'?

  2. Fernandes has done more in 5 games for united then lo Celso has in 19 games so i am not sure why they even asked this

  3. Don't ever dare to put Bruno Fernandes and Lo Celso in a single sentence

    One has 35+ assist and goals in this season while the other one is just a normal midfielder

  4. Of course the United haters would denigrate Fernandes … Had he joined Real or Juve or City they'd be rating him no end.

  5. One earpiece for Skype, the other for studio audio! Just magnificent, if you know what am talking about!

  6. I’d say Bruno(as a spurs fan) but to say it’s not close you guys are delusional??? It’s basically Gio out there by himself every time

  7. Bruno is better for me even though I used to fly the flag for Lo Celso but I'll hold my hands up and say I was wrong.. Lo Celso is a good middle man but doesn't offer as much as Bruno in regards to goals and assists. Bruno has transformed MU since his arrival, all the players have come out of their shells, they're all more expressive he's made such an impression on them.. All the players seem more confident when he's in the team and everytime he gets the ball it looks like he can make something happen… I don't get this with Lo Celso but I'm sure he will improve… Spurs though are not playing with a full deck being cursed with injuries to major team players which makes it tougher for Lo Celso to shine.. If Bruno were playing for Spurs I think he'd have more assists and more goals than Lo Celso which leads me to think that Spurs would be right behind Chelsea or ahead of them at this stage.. I don't think Lo Celso will make the difference tonight against Lipzig but Bruno would.


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