Block-B Apologizes


As a fan of Block-B, I admit Block-B was terribly wrong for making rude remarks toward Thailand in general. You have to admit, some of the interview was mistranslated and misunderstood. But still, Block-B wasn’t innocent. They acted very immature and arrogant during the interview. (Keep in mind, they are known to be tricksters/trolls). I was VERY disappointed because they should have been a role model for everyone since they are idols. Yes, they should have known better. But you viewers need to understand, they are humans like we are. We all make mistakes and say the wrong things at the wrong time. As you can see, each of these young men are crushed. From their expressions, they are truly sorry. You don’t have to forgive them, just please acknowledge they knew they were wrong. They are humans like everybody else, they do make mistakes. I think they do deserve forgiveness and a second chance. From all this, I just hope that each members realized they did wrong and try to change for the better in the future. But I’m sorry Thailand that this offended you, but please be the bigger person and forgive them and stop bashing them. Hey, once a BBC, always a BBC.


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  1. It’s over. It’s pass. I don’t hate but i don’t like too. If you success i glad to you. But should go to find the fan club other country. Don’t coming in thailand again. In thailand you’ve over.

  2. 本当に悪いと思ってるのかな?
    Block B好きだったけど、こんなに最悪だと思わなかった。

  3. +socute paris เพราะในเมื่อคนมันดูถูกเรา ก็อย่ามาเหยียบประเทศนี้เลย อย่ามาเลย กลัวเสนียดจะติดประเทศ แค่คนในบ้านเรามันก็หนักกันพออยู่แล้ว อย่าเอาตัวไร้สาระมาเพิ่มเลย

  4. if you are so famous in your home country just stay there, not even step on this my home country we don't need you at all , you are so rude and act like you never got to send to school, and never had anyone teach you about manner?

  5. no one never ever did wrong, they didn't deliberate to do that. Moreover, it's not a big deal ( except the part they talk about disaster in thai lan ), anyway they was realize their mistake and said apologize, so i think they deserve to forgive, hope they won't make any mistake the same in the future and doing better.

  6. เป็นติ่งเกาหลีคนนึงเหมือนกันนะ แต่ขอบอกว่ายังไม่ทันรู้จักวงนี้เลย พอมาเจองี้ยิ่งไม่คิดว่าติดตามหรือแม้แต่จะฟังเพลงของ Block B เลย โตๆกันแล้ว ตัวเองเป็นถึงศิลปิน และมาตปท.แบบนี้
    ไม่รู้จะใช้คำว่า ขาดจิตสำนึก หรือ ขาดสติ ถ้าขอโทษจากใจจริงๆก้อดีใจค่ะ
    แต่ถ้าขอโทษเพราะโดนสื่อเกาหลีรุมจวก คราวหน้ามันต้องเกิดขึ้นอีกแน่ๆค่ะ

  7. You what fuck exo they can suck each other for all i care!!!! Im glad they apologized, but did exo apologize for being in Illuminati??? NO!!! BYE HATERS!!!!

  8. oh my god what the fuck is this?! what the living fuck? this is so hard to see, as a fan it really break my heart, they are such a good, young, strong boys; and this really pissed me off,  the way so many people treated them just for a stupid mistake like that. 
    everyone just said: oh that was rude boys, how you dare to insult people like that. WAIT. THEY ARE JUST BOYS.
    yes, they´re idols but that doesn´t make them perfect, no person is this  world is. 

  9. I know this is realy difficute time for you… All people are have mistakes so don't fall down… Let's stronger… I always follow you.. 5ting block b

  10. guys you should read this shit: woofuckingjihotumblrcom/post/39688941396/the-chronicles-of-block-b-shitted-on-since-debut

  11. you can't say they did nothing wrong just b/c it was a "joke." of course the netizens went overboard with their suicide petitions too, but it's only right that block b apologize b/c people were hurt and offended by their words, regardless of their intentions. and this is coming from a BBC who likes block b a lot.

  12. What's that supposed to mean? Who are you to say that? Are you saying that everyone who make a mistake can just shave his/her head, and it's okay? Shaving your head comes before actually apologizing? Zico shaving his head was something aside from apologizing. Appreciate that they apologize like that, appreciate that they keep saying sorry even now, appreciate that they actually gave Thailand money! If you don't want to forgive them, then dont. But show some understanding and respect, will you?

  13. GOD DAMN U GUYS NEED TO CALM THE FUCK DOWN BROS!It was obvious that the were joking.I bet all u guys have said something offensive about someone,culture, ect. THEY looks like they got threaten with their jobs!~do they really deserved this?NO!FIRST OF ALL CHRIS BROWN PUNCH HIS GIRLFRIEND DID HE EVER I REPEAT EVER LOSE HIS JOB DID HE EVER LOOK SORRY AS THEY DID? NO! they said were sorry can u at least forgive. YES, i know BBC offense the thai ppl but its not like u haven't say ANYTHING OFFENSIVE

  14. okay u need to calm the fuck down ……. LIKE LEGIT!!!!!!~ they looked like the were threaten by their jobs ….. CALM FUCKEN DOWN !!!!! yes i know they act really immature about the thai flood thing .. but can you guys tell they were joking cant you tell that they mean it when the said sorry . GOD DAMN !!! CHRIS BROWN PUNCH HIS GIRLFRIEND AND THEY GET ACCUSE THREATEN WITH A LIL JOKE CLAM F**** DOWN BRO!~

  15. it not that block b kill your family or call you ugly, stupid, bitch and crazy so don't hate on them but i think you people are good at hating on people and you people are not good at loving people!! ahhhhhhhhhhh i feel so sorry for Oppa block b :((

  16. it is a good thing for them to learn the lesson .. i was kinda pissed when i saw the interview .. they acted really cocky and inmature and deffinetly out of place .. cuz the interview seemed to be serious… they are idols, role models, so they should really watch their behavior .. some fans are really reaally demanding and they just forget they are humans and make mistakes like everybody

  17. I understand that people who are victims in Thailand really suffered from that tragedy and got hurt when they saw the interview. Block B already realized their mistakes and made the apology, i hope that people who misunderstood and judged them also be considerate.Hating people and hating Block B will not help and will not have peace. I also think that some people who really wants to destroy the image of Block B are taking advantage of this issue.Many of us LOVE BLOCK B & they can't change that!

  18. *sobs* Why are people still hating on block b? They apologised and it really hurts to see them like tht especially when i'm a fan of block b and a BBC too. Please please please forgive them alright? T_T

  19. you must understand that some people took offense in what they said, and thus it was important that they apologized to those who took offense.


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