BLAZING SAMURAI: How to Hire Animators For FREE Exposure! [MIDNIGHT SOCIETY] Lost Mel Brooks Cartoon


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  1. This'll be my last vid for a while. July I'm taking a break from Youtube. Gonna work on art since it makes me happy.

  2. 8:00 Wait… wasn't Aigis: First Mission on the Ngage? I'm no carpender, but you've got a deal if you throw it in!

  3. I just got an email about a test screening of this! You have to bring a kid though…but looks like they're still trying to make it happen.

  4. Shaquile O’Neil and TNN are doing a contest like what Mass Animation did, and I submitted the shittiest animation ever as a big fuck you.

  5. This is almost as enigmatic as Star Wars Detours, from the looks of it. Don't know how many people know about that one- it's a Star Wars animated comedy series that Disney have never aired, and we don't know why.

  6. the pause in 2/3ds in is weird, and I don't like it. It feels like you just left me in the room, and I'm like, where the did you go?

  7. ''rando whose only film knowledge comes from surface level video essays nitpicking minute film errors that well-adjusted people don't care about''


  8. Funny how this studio did what Shaq is doing now with his ShaqToons. If you haven’t heard, the big man himself Shaquille O’Neil made a contest for animators and basically is the same as Mass Animation down to the $500 prize. I don’t get this people who are expecting free shit so they can say, “Hey, this guy does art.” to their two friends.

  9. I think stuff like this & the Deadpool animated project made by the creators of Black Dynamite or titmouse ( for at least a time said to be worked on) is intresting and worth looking into.


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