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Beardsen, Bjerger King, or just Soren Bjerg. With 4 mvps to his name Bjergsen is one of the most decorated players in #LCS history so there’s no shortage of highlight reel plays from him on the rift.

Here are the top 10 plays from Bjergsen’s career

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All League of Legends footage courtesy of Riot Games.
Thumbnail photo courtesy of Lol esports Flickr.


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  1. Poor Bjerg. this video here proves hes been neutered by Regi. all these videos 4-6 years old besides 1. lmfao. Bjerg used to be awesome now hes just a mid lane bitch that farms all day and does nothing.

  2. Seeing all this stuff with TSM management really makes you wonder if this guy managed to win in spite of Parth, Leena and Regi as opposed to because of them….

  3. 90% of the plays were before 2017. Bjergsen was a really good player back then, he's just a washed-up decent midlaner.

  4. why you keep posting stuff about tsm while they fucked up good? it's like they are paying you to make these vids


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