B Free – Rap Game Hokage (Official Music Video)



Directed by @97_PK [
Produced by @Prod.byBert [

[Verse 1]
Bitch it’s the rap game Hokage
My bitch is a Ten Ten but I call that hoe Tsunade
Fuck up outta my face, tell em’ give me my space
My girl a Beyoncé, yo bitch built like the Raikage!

Fuck going on with Genin ass niggas
Broke ass can I get a penny ass niggas
Who is you!? You a fool, tryna test me ass nigga
Rock Lee with these hands, don’t you tempt ass nigga, AYE!

So baby come train with me
Mind Transfer Jutsu, give yo brain to me
Team 7 by my side, you know the gang with me
Cuz I’m the boss, I’m the realest ninja in the leaf!

So bitch put yo fucking hands up, this the anthem
Pain did my village foul nigga and one
She ain’t fuck with me, turned hokage, now I’m handsome
Broke niggas and them rouge ninjas I can’t stand them!

[Verse 2]
I’m the motherfuckin boss, senpai, head ninja
You stuck at the crib, I’m on a S Rank mission
Hinata butt naked making food in my kitchen
Boy you never stood a chance, but you ain’t even want to listen

I’m saying though, you don’t want no problems you ain’t cut like me
I run the village, come home, Hinata rub my feet
Aye, and she Japanese but she still call me papi
I’m the Rap Game Hokage, tell me who the fuck gone stop me nigga, no one!

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  1. Sasuke: performs fire Jutsu first day training with kakashi.
    Kakashi: he’s a genin it cant be that strong.
    The Jutsu:

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