Art of Peace Youth Program

Our Youth Wellness Program provides yoga therapy to at-risk teens in high schools, many of whom have experienced significant loss, trauma, abuse and/or neglect in their lives. Instructors take a mindfulness-based approach to help youth manage their personal wellness on multiple levels and integrate yoga, relaxation training, stress reduction, anger management and life skills. Instructors combine yoga philosophy and the physical postures to teach youth how to relax naturally without substances, to manage their feelings calmly and appropriately, and to take responsibility for their choices and behaviors.We are currently offering ongoing classes at Reagan, LBJ, Akins, and EastSide Memorial High Schools.

Addressing a Critical Need

We provide positive alternatives to teens who, far too often, turn to self destructive behaviors to cope with feelings of isolation, depression and anxiety. Across all socioeconomic levels, rates of substance abuse, bullying, eating disorders and suicide remain alarmingly high. Our yoga/mindfulness programs help young people disengage from self-critical and reactive thoughts – thoughts that leave them vulnerable to outside forces, including intense social and academic pressure.

Through Community Yoga’s programs, teens learn how to experience and accept who they authentically are. Many of these teens face extreme stress. Others struggle with depression and self-destructive behaviors. We help them build positive relationships, increase emotional resilience and practice self-care.

I don’t think my head has ever felt clear like this. -Sixth grader at Wallace Middle School


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