Animated 3D Models in PowerPoint – Part 1, The Basics


Built-in animations (scenes) for animated 3D models are here! You can now add BOTH automatic and your own animations to 3D models, making for endless creative possibilities!

This tutorial helps you get started with animated 3D models in PowerPoint – how to find, insert, and animate them using pre-built “scenes” from Microsoft. The following video (part 2) will walk you through some advanced tricks with how I made the dinosaur. Part 3 (coming soon) will show you how to play around with 3D models even WITHOUT PowerPoint. Lots of fun to be had either way.

Shark download:

Office Insider Program:

Hope you enjoy!


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  1. hello ma'am,
    really informative video..
    i have a question, can we use these 3d models for teaching online physics classes. i charge fee for there any copyright issue??

    please guide..

  2. Thank you very much for such a great tutorial. Could you please explain how do you move 3d animations over the video with you ??

  3. Love your videos! I teach middle school tech classes, but we don't have that shark. Would love to get a copy if still possible. Either way, great stuff!

  4. Your videos are always awesome!! I've been using Power Point for training since 1995 when it first came out. (Yeah, I'm old.) I'm working on training classes for a client, and wondered if you have any tricks for creating a progress bar that would track a student's position within a training module?

  5. Magnífico parabéns pelo aula. Mas um fã. Porque aqui no Brasil, não tem gente capacidade como você. Um forte abraço. Aguardo ancioso pelos próximos videos.

  6. Dear P-Spice,
    i've received your email with the free shark animation -THANK YOU!
    i wanted to ask your permission to use it in a power point lesson presentation (i teach adult ESL students), obviously with a thank you and a link to your site.
    thanks again, I learn so much from your wonderful videos.


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