🤩Best Foldable Keyboard with Touchpad for iPad Pro 2020


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  1. Hi, can you connect this keyboard to multiple devices simultaneously? For example can you connect this keyboard to an iPad and an iPhone and switch between them without disconnecting from one and connecting to the other?

  2. Hey Tom. Did you find out how to type the @ or the ! on IOS ? I cannot figure it out ! Thanks for your videos

  3. Ich hoffe ich werde mir bald ein iPad holen. Gerade spare ich und deswegen schaue ich deine Videos schon, um mich zu informieren.


  4. Tom, the production quality of your videos is off charts!!!
    I'm truly impressed, mate 🙂
    Also, love the calm tone of your voice.
    Well done. Keep it up!

  5. I bought one it was delivered a day late and would not connect to my 11” iPad Pro nor my iPhone 11. Called support they said it does not work with iOS.

  6. Hi Tom. Great video. I know you used the iClever in the past. Have you tried the iClever keyboard with the touchpad? How do these two keyboards compare? I was just about to order one yesterday. Glad I waited till today.

  7. Does this keyboard have an Apple Command key for shortcuts like cut, copy, paste, return to home screen, open Spotlight etc?


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